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  1. Polki studded Pearl chain Bracelet

    Glowing Polki studded hand bracelet interspaced with flawless tiny pearl strings
  2. Pearl leopard Bracelet

    Flawless tiny pearls twisted in chains forming to make a thick cord bracelet
  3. Sterling Silver Gemstone studded Wrist Cuff bangle

    Elegant Bracelet with Citrine & Garnet incased in Sterling Silver Base a fresh and sophisticated looking Bracelet  A great idea for you and to give to that special person.
  4. Blue Shambhala Bracelets

    A beautiful piece of bracelet from Shambhala
  5. Platinum Plated Snake Bracelet Golden color

    Alloy Rhinestone Snake Bracelet with double wrap
  6. Zircon & Stone studded Silver color Bracelet

    Graceful bracelet of stone and silver metal paced alternately with zircons adding shine

6 Item(s)

per page